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HEIMLICH - One More Kiss

Dusty Desert/Planet Punk/KNM
HEIMLICH - One More Kiss (Dusty Desert/Planet Punk/KNM)

HEIMLICH "One More Kiss"

It was the season of first loves. It was the season of broken hearts looking for someone to heal the wounds. It was the season of stolen first kisses under the shade of trees, when the sun and breeze decided to work together to find their balance and let people take long walks, dogs laze around and flowers blossom.
The breeze was up to mischief. A loose strand of her hair that was tucked behind her ear ran loose. Touching her nose and then her lips. She saw his eyes noticing it, following its trail. It stopped near her mouth, caught between her lips, glued there by their moistness. He let it enjoy it’s momentary glory, admired its mischief and then slowly raised his hand, caught it between his index and middle finger, and tucked it gently behind her ear. The smile this time on his lips was different. Way different. It was the season of heartbreaks.

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Dusty Desert Music
Planet Punk Music


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