ASTON MERRYGOLD FEAT. LDN NOISE - I Ain't Missing You (Membran/The Orchard)ALEX GUESTA FEAT. HONOREBEL & RAPHAEL - Beat Of Revolution (Nitron/Sony)DJ KHALED FEAT. RIHANNA & BRYSON TILLER - Wild Thoughts (We The Best/Epic/Sony)
DJ POLIQUE FEAT. SNOOP DOGG, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT & JACOB LUTTRELL - Dimes Only (Kickson/Monstablokaz/KNM)CHARLY BLACK - Gyal You A Party Animal (Daddy Yankee Remix) (Sony)RAF MARCHESINI - Dropical (Big Blind/Planet Punk/KNM)
MADNESS GANGSTERS - Geordie (Planet Punk/KNM)MATIC FEAT. MORANO - Under My Skin (Mental Madness/KNM)ANSTANDSLOS & DURCHGEKNALLT - Männer (Nitron/Sony)
MIRA & ADAM - Liebeslied Vong Heute (Raison/Guesstimate)PORN & PINSEL - Nachtischlampe (Fiesta/KNM)MICHAEL REINECKE - Sag Mal Bist Du Ein Engel (Fiesta/KNM)