DJ POLIQUE FEAT. SNOOP DOGG, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT & JACOB LUTTRELL - Dimes Only (Kickson/Monstablokaz/KNM)DJ ROCKMASTER B - Parade (Bohemian/Feiyr)DEEJAY A.N.D.Y. - A Walk In The Park (Mental Madness/KNM)
CHARLY BLACK - Gyal You A Party Animal (Daddy Yankee Remix) (Sony)KLAAS - Don't Talk (Planet Punk/KNM)FREISCHWIMMER FEAT. POLINA - Waiting For You (Remixes Part 2) (Dusty Desert/Planet Punk/Nitron/Sony)
BROOKLYN BOUNCE & SECTION 1 - Make Us Bounce (Mental Madness/KNM)KAMAURA FEAT. TRICIA MCTEAGUE - Over Now (Mental Madness/KNM)RUDE DOG FEAT. MARC KENNY - How To Save A Life (Mental Madness/KNM)
MIRA & ADAM - Liebeslied Vong Heute (Raison/Guesstimate)BAILANDO BEAT - Und Es War Sommer (Fiesta/KNM)BENJAMIN ENGEL - Tanz Heut Nacht (Fiesta/KNM)

Pool Position Promotion Sampler 2015


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